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[APD] marine planted tanks

From: Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net> Subject: [APD] Marine algae balls and turfs

"No one keeps marine planted tanks really except unless their Caulerpa got out of hand in a main tank etc. "

Don't forget me here in Oklahoma now, Tom,
Ive been (attempting) to keep marine algaes for a while now.. only problem is. .i can't seem to control the urge to use corals like u have.. not enough self control i guess ;-)P

great pics btw... i had someof the batophora shipped ot me earlier in the year i think.. we couldn't identify it at that time.. didn't ship too well though (neither did the mermaids this time!) and faded soon afterward.. im hoping it will miraculously come back one day...


I'll have to post some pics of my semi planted semi reef tank soon just for laughs!!

for others interested.. Inland Aquatics does offer a fair selection of macros.. but nothing like what Tom and anyone in the FL Keys area can find..


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