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[APD] Re: marine plant tank discussion

>>If someone's growing plants, I like to hear about it.<<

I grew roses last summer, want to hear about it?

>>If Tom's growing something -- that's always interesting to

WEll if he decides to grow peanuts, I'm not particularly interested!

>>I don't feel threatened on APD when there's salt in the

I wouldn't imagine that you would Scott, you do not strike me as that
thinned skinned. But if Tom is looking for converts, I don't think he will
get as big a crowd here as he would elsewhere. When Karen Randall starts
writing about marine plants in her column, and someone comes up with a low
light low tech marine plant tank, (not brackish, but truly marine) then I
will know the two worlds have intergrated. If you want to get an idea of the
cost of marine pants, check out what is listed on liveaquaria, drs foster
and smith online plant and livestock  store.

>>When the disagreements get salty, that's another story :-\<<

Disagreements here??? You must be joking!

Robert Paul Hudson

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