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[APD] Salted veggies

Scott H. wrote:

>> If someone's growing plants, I like to hear about it.

If Tom's growing something -- that's always interesting to

If it's a plant and it's wet, it's caught my interest.

I don't feel threatened on APD when there's salt in the

When the disagreements get salty, that's another story :-\ <<

I agree whole-heartedly!  I'm very much enjoying reading something really
new and innovative on the APD.  Plants are plants.  I don't think anyone
involved with the AGA aquascaping contest ever envisioned an entirely
planted marine aquarium.  Even most people who grow marine macro algae grow
it as an adjunct to their other reef keeping endeavors.  I believe (if I
remember correctly) the original reasoning for excluding marine tanks was
that we didn't want someone entering a tank as a "planted tank" because it
had one frond of Caulerpa tucked in between three giant clams, and four
species of coral.

I don't think that if there is only one person doing marine planted tanks
that a solely marine division would be ready for prime time, but I'd
definitely support a marine _planted_ tank being allowed in the biotope
division.  And if there are more people who enter that type of tank in years
to come, so much the better... then it would be time to give them their own

Incidentally, for those who can afford to go the chiller route, there are
MANY astoundingly beautiful and vari-colored macro algae sp. from temperate
water areas too.

We don't have reef-building corals here in New England, but we have GORGEOUS
(algaescapes?)<g>  If you ever get the chance, go snorkling along the
southern coast of R.I. in early September.  You will find a fascinating
array of Caribbean reef fish fry playing among beautiful beds of "seaweed".
And you don't have to have any qualms about collecting these fishies... They
die as soon as the cold weather hits if they aren't collected anyway.

I'm not as familiar with west coast stuff, but I do know that as I've driven
along the coast out there, I've seen some awfully pretty stuff in tide
pools.  And as a kid I know that I found tide pool life to be some of the
most forgiving of my inexpert attempts to keep them.


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