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Re: [APD] Eheim rattle

> I've only replaced an Eheim rotor once or twice, and one of
> those times it turned out the motor stator coils had gone
> bad -- I felt like complaining since the filter had only
> lasted a couple of decades ;-)

Same for me...

> If one of mine ever gets noisy, I'll have to try it. ;-)

First try to invert it although if it is the first time you do
the rotor shall hesitate between the thinner part of the "shaft"
and the place dictated by the water flow...
You should clearly see two glatter zones
as the rotor only touches the "shaft" in two places.

Inverting from time to time should double the "shaft" life removing
the above mentioned jolt !

To improve my English could you comment on :
    Axis = not turning with the motor
    Shaft = turning with the motor 


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