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Re: [APD] Eheim rattle and Marineland tattle

I've only replaced an Eheim rotor once or twice, and one of
those times it turned out the motor stator coils had gone
bad -- I felt like complaining since the filter had only
lasted a couple of decades ;-)

I have replaced shafts but only due to breakage, not wear,
although wear obvious must occur and replacement becomes
necessary.  Never found a need to invert the shaft after
each change.

Soemhow I can't quite accept that putting oil on the shaft
has any effect for more than few turns of the shaft under
water. Oil isn't missable and has low surface tension
compared to water.

If one of mine ever gets noisy, I'll have to try it. ;-)

I have had Marineland powerheads that were noisy right at
the start, and replacing rotors didn't help. Only replacing
the powerheads helped. In those cases, I suspect it was not
the rotor but the lower piece that holds the rotor in place
-- it the rotor is off center, they can rattle and it's
matters little how many times you replace the rotor.

Marineland is very nice about replacing rotors or
powereheads if they are noisy when new.

Scott H.

S. Hieber

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