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Re: [APD] 24 volt transformer for BIY substrate heater

The power rating of a transformer indicates the maximum amount it can put
out. How much is used always depends on the load. Another words the if the
heater cable is rated at 300W, that is how much it will draw from the power
supply. It is always a good idea to have a power supply capable of providing
a little more than you need, this way it will not heat up as much and last
longer, specially for applications where the item is left running 24/7. Just
like changing a light bulb from 100W to 40W, you don't have to alter the
power supply, as long as you don't draw more than the transformer can supply
you are fine.

Hope that helps
Giancarlo Podio

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To those DIY gurus out there. I have an Azoo 300 watt substrate cable heater
and would like to use a 24 volt transformer to heat it. I
found that the local electrical outlet have a 24 volt transformer that puts
out 40 amps (used in furnaces). So that will give out 960 watts, right ?
Will that be suitable for my 300 watt cable ? I also plan to use a 500 watt
azoo heater controller for the cable. OTOH, I have not found out if both
the primary and secondary coils are physically separated in this
transformer. If it is and if you think that it is suitable, I think this
will be a viable project. Thanks for your time and any inputs will be
greatly appreciated.

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