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Re: [APD] 24 volt transformer for BIY substrate heater

Think of Voltage as the push to get the electricity through
the cable.  The cable is made to pass 300 watts when 112V
is applied -- it has jsut enough resistance to that it
takes 112V to get 300watts through it.  If you only apply
24V power source, the watts will be much less because you
have fewer volts pushing the electricity through the wire. 

If you hooked a number of cables in parallel to reduce the
overall reistance to the flow of electricity, then the 24
volts could push more amps down the wires. Or you could
shorten the wire to reduce it's resistance.

But at 24V, I don't think you're going to get a practical

Scott H.
--- David Soh <dsoh at iastate_edu> wrote:
> To those DIY gurus out there. I have an Azoo 300 watt
> substrate cable 
> heater and would like to use a 24 volt transformer to
> heat it. I
> found that the local electrical outlet have a 24 volt
> transformer that puts
> out 40 amps (used in furnaces). So that will give out 960
> watts, right ?
> Will that be suitable for my 300 watt cable ? I also plan
> to use a 500 watt
> azoo heater controller for the cable.  OTOH, I have not
> found out if both
> the primary and secondary coils are physically separated
> in this
> transformer. If it is and if you think that it is
> suitable, I think this
> will be a viable project. Thanks for your time and any
> inputs will be
> greatly appreciated.

S. Hieber

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