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[APD] Hygro leaves falling off...

...and pale green and developing holes.

Tank Stats: 33 gal. with 2 36" T12 fluorescent tubes in the canopy. I
brew my own CO2 and I dose PMDD daily, (about 6ml of the standard Conlin
& Sears concoction.)

There is some brush algae on some of my gravel (dang laterite that has
migrated up) and on some plants. Hair algae is a minor concern. My red
lotus is big (leaves 2" to 4" accross) My Java Fern is showing new
growth. My lonely mystery anubia has new growth. (Not too worried about
whether this plant lives or dies--it's just there.) But my Hygrophila
has small, thin, bright green leaves that easily fall off and are prone
to developing numerous small holes.

I don't have test kits (well, I do have pH, but that's it). I can get my
water tested at the LFS, but if the problem is glaringly obvious, I'd be
most grateful if someone could point it out.

Matt Jarsky

Halifax, Nova Scotia

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