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[APD] Max canopy weight

Hi all I have been reading this list for the last few weeks and have not been able to find an answer to the following question. I have a 55 gallon tank that I am designing a hood for so I can put 4 4ft 40 watt flourecent bulbs in it. My question is what is the most weight suggested to sit on top of a tank this size? The design I have been working on will be made with a 1x4 frame for the top half that will house the lights themselves and include a 1/2 inch plywood top. (this part weighs 12 pounds) this section will sit on top of the bottom section and hinge in the back, so that this whole top box will open for access to the lights. The bottom section is made of 1x8 for sides with 1 x 2 bracing and includes a 1/4 inch inset of the bracing to hold a 49.5 x 13.5 sheet of glass that will sit inside the bottom section totally seperataing the lights from the water area. The front of this section will hinge and open out to allo! w access to the tank itself for feeding cleaning etc. This section currently weighs 15 pounds not including glass (haven't bought it yet) and will also need corner tabs or braces of some kind to act as a stop when you sit the hood down on top of the tank. So far this is aprox. 27 pounds of just wood, + glass + exaust fan(s) + lights (plan to use external ballasts) +tank stop bracing. This just seems like a lot of weight to me. Any suggestions on a maximum "safe" weight I can always hang the unit if I have to.
Thanks Candy

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