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[APD] Re: co2 won't stop

"If the regulator main valve doesn't have an effect,
it's not jsut a leaking solenoid."

As of yesterday, it has been working properly.  I'm
guessing that there was just too much co2 in the
bottle to begin with.  Possible?

Thanks, Cavan

Probably not likely that your problem was caused by an "overfilled" bottle. The CO2 cylinders actually contain *liquid* CO2 (back when I was doing visual effects stuff we called them LCO2 cylinders for Liquid-CO2), and as long as there is some liquid in the cylinder the pressure will remain constant at a given temperature (around 900 PSI if I remember correctly). Higher temperatures will result in higher pressures which is why it is recommended to not keep CO2 tanks in sunlight or other areas where they will be subjected to large temperature swings. Large temperature increases *can* be a problem in relatively full tanks.

I suppose it would be possible maybe to have so much liquid in the tank that some got into the regulator but that seems very unlikely *provided you have the tank in an upright position*, which I'm assuming you do. The idea is that the CO2 gas "boils off" in the tank, and the gas collects at the top where the regulator is. Tilting the tank can be a problem since the regulator will not operate properly if liquid gets into it.

I think the most likely cause of your problem is either excess gas in your line before the needle valve (something like ballooning, with the line acting as a reservoir of CO2 until the pressure bleeds off), or possibly a sticky solenoid valve. Cycling the solenoid valve a few times manually in quick succession (few seconds on, few seconds off, and repeat maybe 5-10 times) should help to deburr the valve mechanism if that's the problem.

Try to keep track of any changes you make to your system for a while so that if the problem occurs again you can determine what change may have caused the problem.


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