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[APD] Re: Plants for a discus tank.

I have a 75G planted discus tank.  I have the following plants in the tank:  Anubias nana, pygmy chain swords, Asian ambulia, Telenthera reineckii v. "Roseafolia", Bacopa caroliniana, Ammania senegalensis, Sunset hygro, dwarf hairgrass, Ozelot sword, and Ranalisma rostrata.  They all are able to handle the high temp (84-86F).  I tried keeping Java moss and Java ferns, but they didn't do well at all.  I don't know if it was because of high temperature or high light intensity.

From: "William E. Davies" 
Subject: [APD] Plants for a discus tank.
Greetings group,
I'm setting up a 58g tank for a few discus. Does anyone have any
suggestions about plants for the tank? Also this is a little bit off
topic for this forum however, are there any discus groups available? I
want to find a local breeder from which to obtain my fish (PA, NY, NJ,
DE, MD area).
Thank you all,

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