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[APD] Re: empty CO2 cylinder -- tests, acid, and valves

> Take what you read here on the APD with a large grain of
> salt. There is
> considerable difference of opinion on certain subjects.
> It's better when
> those differences are discussed. It seems as if many of
> the old "experts"
> aren't posting very often any more.
> Steve P

Well maybe the old experts are not commenting on this issue because it has
been discussed several times, with quite heated discussion for at least
three years now. There are many accounts and horror stories on this list
going that far back on tank end dumps. In fact, there were so many such
stories here that the person decided to add a needle valve to his regulator.
It has happened to me three times in the last 4 years. The last time the
tank emptied out over night in just a few hours, and in each instance it
killed every fish in my tank. It even killed the snails. In each instance I
was using a regulator bought from one of the old pros here without a needle
valve, and in each case it was a cylinder obtained in a swap with a supplier
less than two months old that had been inspected and certified. I also had a
check valve on the system 2 out of the three times. Since I started using a
regulator with a fixed, low, working pressure I have not had any problems at
all. Of course it also has a needle valve. So whatever the reason, it works
and I will not ever go back to using run of the mill high pressure
regulators, even if just putting a needle valve on it will solve the

Robert Paul Hudson

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