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[APD] Very high pH and hard water, tear down?

Well, when I setup my tank I included some greensand.  Later to find out, 1)
its from ocean sediment, and it raised the pH of my tank a lot, and 2) it
has a ton of heavy metals and my fish shouldn't still be alive.
All that aside, the fish are alive, the plants acclimate and sort of grow.
I cannot keep CO2 in the tank I don't think.   I will find out tonight for
sure since my reactor may not of been working well before.   But I will
assume it was for now.
My pH is 8.0+ or so (more blue then the chart) and my KH is 5.   Not much
CO2, I think the greensand is keeping the pH higher then the CO2 can work it
Would it be worth tearing the tank down and removing the substrate?  Half of
my says yes, the other half cringes at the amount of work.
Lastly, are bulb plants meant to have thier bulbs burried?  or above the
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