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[APD] Re: Hagen CO2 natural plant system

Joanne Damon wrote:
>   I did find an old post in the archives posted by Kevin Sheller, 
> for a
> recipe to replace the refill packs (see his post  below).  I couldn't
> find a reply to his question about the baking soda for a 
> stabilizer.  I

Baking soda is a buffering agent and so would prevent the pH of the yeast culture from getting too low (mainly from carbonic acid formation?) and inhibiting yeast metabolism. I'm not sure if it's necessary as yeast do okay at low pH anyway, but it may help (I don't use it in my DIY setup). Try it with and without the baking soda and see if there's any difference (although if temperature is not the same for both tests it may be hard to draw any conclusions). I've never used the Hagen system, but I always thought the baking soda was included to add to the tank water to increase alkalinity (and would be needed only if you had soft water). Oops!

Clint Brearley
Melbourne, Australia

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