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[APD] clay balls or jelly balls

Using agar to slowly diffuse nutrients is an intriguing idea but why bother?
You can use clay to sequester or occlude nutrients much more easily. Clay
fertilizer balls are easy to store, ship & are stable. They are easy to
make, if you have the clay and a little fertilizer.

The nutrients in Jobe's plant sticks is also occluded, I think in some kind
of paper & unknown binder. I suspect nutrients can move out of those plant
sticks much more easily than it can penetrate through a dense clay though.
Osmocote also has a permeable, plastic like coating so that it is a
time-release fertilizer for your potted plants.

With clay fertilizer balls, you have to wait for the plant roots to grow
into the clay ball, I would think. Perhaps some ammonia can diffuse through
the clay; I've never tried an experiment to see how quickly.

Steve P. in warm, sunny Vancouver, rain predicted for next week.

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