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[APD] Re: clay balls or jelly balls

Steve Pushak asked:
>Using agar to slowly diffuse nutrients is an intriguing idea but why

Because you can remove it and it doesn't make dust-clouds when
rearranging plants, which I do every week.

>You can use clay to sequester or occlude nutrients much more easily

To dusty. I dig around alot in the substrate, and clay is the most annoying
dust-cloud-maker of them all. Never again.

>The nutrients in Jobe's plant sticks is also occluded,

I used "Pokon-sticks" and "Blomstra-sticks". Those started to leak so
I got >1.0 ppm PO4 the day after each wc. It took me several days
to uproot all the plants and do all the vacuuming. Never again.

So the prospect of nice removable jelly balls not making a mess
is awesome, but I still need feedback on how strong one would
make them.

// Daniel
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