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[APD] Atlanta sojourners to AGA 2K3?

Zane wrote:
... Is anyone from Atlanta going to the AGA conference? ...I'd like to send
a care package.  Our aquatic gardeners have always been a huge supporter
of our store and I'd like to see that returned
in kind...I'm assuming the defense fund is still in need, lest we forget...

For anyone who doesn't know it, the State Bridge Petland donated a
significant number of beautiful plants for the Chattanooga convention
auction (with all the proceeds going to the defense fund) as did our friend
Loh Kwek Leong.  I think it is awesome Zane is offering to do it again.
Thanks Zane!

Unfortunately,  I won't be able to attend either but if we have someone from
this area going, I would be happy to get some plants over to Zane as well,
with all the proceeds going to the defense fund again of course.


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