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[APD] Re: Anubias

Anubias has always been in every one of my tanks, it's one of my favourite
plants too. In general I feel it is important to let it root well and not
too far away from the substrate so that the roots can reach down into the
gravel. Because of the slow growth I avoid moving them for any reason once
they are rooted in. I cut off older leaves that have algae on them to
promote new growth. Comparing how they do in high and low light tanks, and
in the same tank where some are shadowed and others not, I think light does
have a lot to do with it. The ones that are under strong lighting seem to be
the most effected by spot algae and are a lighter tone of green. The
shadowed ones seem to be easier for me to keep clean and their color is a
darker tone of green. I have also seen a large difference in growth rate
between anubias planted in the substrate and those attached to wood and
rocks, it is obviously a root feeder in my opinion, it does far better in
the gravel or with it's roots reaching into the substrate. In the long run
my anubias grow nicer and cleaner in my low light tanks, they also tend to
flower easier there. Perhaps it's due to the more nutricious substrate that
I use in the lower lit tanks, don't know. I find green spot grows more in
high light tanks than low light and balancing nutrients can help reduce it's
growth. I find all my slow growing plants, not only anubias, suffer from
green spot on older leaves when my nutrients are not correct. As Tom
mentioned some time ago they do great out of the water, I'm a little behind
on the project but I'm working on a terranium solely for anubias.

Hope that helps
Giancarlo Podio

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