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[APD] Spiral fluorescents - Walter

Walter (or anyone else with some ideas),

	I have an old 48 fluorescent hood (the regular plastic kind) that is all
corroded and non functional.  I was thinking about gutting it and using the
plastic casing to put 4 spiral fluorescents in because I thought it would be
a cheap source of light and I already aquired the 2-sided fixtures a few
years ago for like 5cents.  Any idea how to add a fan or adequate
ventilation?  Any way of putting 48 inch (or 2 24") compact fluorescents in
one of those?  Any idea how much they may cost?  Would CP need to be cooled
too?  Any other ideas for putting light over a 55 gallon tank that has the
plastic hoods?


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Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 17:07:40 -0500
From: "Petrie, Walter" <WPetrie at ThomasNelson_com>
Subject: [APD] RE: Spiral and multiple-tube small fluorescents.
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First, do all 6500K lights have that same bluish appearance, or does it vary
by brand, and type of light PC vs. CF vs Normal fluorescent?

6500K is a blueish type light regardless of the brand of bulb you buy,
although I imagine that there could be a slight variance between brands.
This is definitely true with 6500K Metal Halide bulbs.

TCP makes a light that is 5100K that is very close to many full spectrum
bulbs. (I found mine at an industrial lighting supply shop in Nashville, TN)

Someone mentioned earlier not to buy spiral tube flourescents. I'm not one
to say that these bulbs are a waste of money because they work well for me.
However, you could be wasting your money if you put them in a standard strip
light fixture without a cooling fan because they do have the tendency to die
quickly  when they get too hot. I guess this is  why the manufacturer prints
on the box "Not to be used in fully enclosed fixtures" (i.e. aquarium

I've built a well ventellated wooden hood w/cooling fan and I am using two
150 watt bulbs. They each put out 2800 lumens and are almost painful to look
at.  When installed in a properly ventillated fixture, they will last over 2

Are they as efficient as Power compacts? No.

Do they cost less than PC? Yes (approx $60 for the entire hood fan and

Will plants grow and thrive under these lights? Yes

Nothing against PCs. They are a great product. I'm just wanting to save a
little money here and there.

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