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[APD] Re: Anubias advice

Shireen Gonzaga asked....

> of all the aquatic plants in the universe, anubias are my
> favorite. But I have a hard time keeping them happy and
> alive. The main culprit is algae, particularly spot algae.
> But aside from that, anubias just don't seem to grow well
> for me (yes, I know they're slow growers but mine barely
> grow).
> For folks who have successfully grown lush bushes of
> Anubias, what kinds of lighting and nutrient conditions do
> you have?

Anubias barteri grows best for me close to the surface directly under
bright MH lighting. About 12 - 15 ppm CO2 is added. KH is 2 - 3, dH is
2- 3. I add PMDD and I don't get a lot of spot algae accumulating on the
leaves. Of course they will do fine with minimal light. My neighbour has
more problems with spot algae. He grows them in low light. It may seem
contradictory to some that a shade plant would grow best under very
bright light, but that is the case.


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