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[APD] Re: Anubias advice

Here is my experience with Anubias, which I also love.
In my lower light tanks, 2 w/g shop light Flo they will even get a little
spot algae if I have no cover plants. I think is it becasue they grow to
slow to out grow the algae. Those with filtered light, such as a little
floating hornwort, tend to be fairly clean but hardly grow.
In my higher light tanks, 2.5-4 w/g PCF, they grow very well but if in
direct sunlight have trouble with spot algae. In high light environment, I
try to get them in permanent shade area or off in lowerlight corner if I can
find one. In those conditions, they tend to grow well and without algae.
AFA nutgrients go, they get the PMDD routine, dosed at T.B.'s recommended
levels but not WC's as often ;-) and CO2.
I have a net friendly bristlenose that moves from tank to tank and cleans
them off when things get too bad.

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> Hi ...
> of all the aquatic plants in the universe, anubias are my
> favorite. But I have a hard time keeping them happy and
> alive. The main culprit is algae, particularly spot algae.
> But aside from that, anubias just don't seem to grow well
> for me (yes, I know they're slow growers but mine barely
> grow).
> For folks who have successfully grown lush bushes of
> Anubias, what kinds of lighting and nutrient conditions do
> you have?
> Thanks,
> shireen

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