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Re: [APD] Red plants not red enough

* From: Shireen Gonzaga <whimbrel at comcast_net>

I have a Barclaya longifolia that has pretty dull-looking red leaves. Ditto for my Ludwigia repens. Is there a way to kick it up a notch in color? It's a CO2 tank dosed with PO4, K, and TMG twice a week. My substrate is plain gravel. Would it help to put some laterite or Flourish tabs under the roots of the red plants? What about adding chelated iron to the water?

Iron might help. Also try brighter light. Make sure the red plants have plenty of room. Red plants turn green pretty fast if they are being shaded out by other plants.

BTW, I was browsing through one of Amano's books last night. One of his amazing compositions featured a lovely arrangement of Anubias nana. And to my amazement, there was lots of spot algae on the leaves. I hope this is a comfort to others like me who have algae-covered Anubias leaves -- even the master aquatic plant artist himself has it. :-)

Check the pattern of the spot algae. Each spot may have been placed after much contemplation :-)

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