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[APD] Broken stripe Tetra -- or, what kind of fool am I?

I was at this auction, you see, and I got these fish, even though I don't
know a thing about them -- foolish, right? I know their proper name,
hemigrammus ulreyi, but that's about all I've found online.

They are in a bare bottom Q tank, 6 of them, with a bit of java moss, a fake
plant, and some CO2 to lower the pH from 8.2 tap water levels. A breif
outbreak of ich upon arrival, but treated in the Q tank, passed rapidly, no
problems. So far, they seem to be very, very hungry, that is about the
extent of their character so far after one week. Generally brave, quick to
come to the glass. Voracious when feeding. And they act like tetras, picking
on each other a bit.

I have two plant tanks that I could place them in and if anyone has any
experience with these guys, maybe you could help me choose. One tank, 59
gallons, 45"x16'x19", will have 25 cardinals, 6 serpae and 5 kuhlie loaches.
The other, 29 gallon, has 5 zebra danios and 12 tiny ember tetras, and will
probably have the 6 skunk cories if I don't try to breed them.

The serapes were rough on the cory when it was in that tank. If these Broken
Stripe tetras are going to act like them, I don't want them with the ember
tetras or the cories. If they act like the piggy rosy barb, the cores would
starve, the embers too probably. If they are going to be mean like the
serpaes, well it might serve the serpaes right to have a bigger fish around,
but the cardinals and kuhlies might suffer.

I'm finding out how hard it is to get a fish out of a planted tank, so I
want to get this right if possible.

Advice, anyone?

Ann Viverette

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