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[APD] Red plants not red enough

Hi ...

I have a Barclaya longifolia that has pretty dull-looking
red leaves. Ditto for my Ludwigia repens. Is there a way
to kick it up a notch in color? It's a CO2 tank dosed with
PO4, K, and TMG twice a week. My substrate is plain gravel.
Would it help to put some laterite or Flourish tabs under
the roots of the red plants? What about adding chelated iron
to the water?

BTW, I was browsing through one of Amano's books last night.
One of his amazing compositions featured a lovely arrangement
of Anubias nana. And to my amazement, there was lots of spot
algae on the leaves. I hope this is a comfort to others like
me who have algae-covered Anubias leaves -- even the master
aquatic plant artist himself has it.  :-)

cheers, shireen

-- Shireen Gonzaga/Baltimore, MD whimbrel at comcast_net *** Wesley Clark 2004 *** http://www.clark04.com ***

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