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[APD] Re: aquaria.com.au vs aquamail.com.au

I have used aquamail once, in December last year. It wasn't a perfect
experience but I probably will order from them again. In the main it
wasn't their fault.

Unfortunately due to the bushfires at that time the order didn't arrive
for 6 days or so since it was sent. (The road from Pt Macquarie to
Sydney was cut in several places, and our suburb was "residents-only"
access for a few days). I can't really blame aquamail for that! Still,
most of the plants survived and eventually thrived. It might not have
helped if they had arrived earlier because of course we had a blackout
due to the fires.

I'm still waiting for a couple of back-ordered items (I should reremind
them of this) including my battery powered air pump (which I'll need for
this summer's blackouts).

Despite the above I still think they are a decent place to order from. A
friend of mine has often ordered from them several times and has no
complaints. Just get your order in before the bushfires start up.

p.s. anyone know anywhere else around Sydney (other than aquamail) that
has Glossostigma? I know it is native but none of the shops seem to
carry it (and I haven't seen any in my local creek ;)
Andrew Mitchell <andrewm at cse_unsw.edu.au>

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