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[APD] Seachem Equilibrium & Urban Legend?



I had the same problem.  From what was discussed on aquabotanic, people were
saying that K might be inhibiting the uptake of Ca.  For the recommended
dose of equilibrium you get 80 ppm, when we are aiming for 15-20.  From what
you will read there was some controversy over whether or not this was the
case.  Maybe you are overdosing with equilibrium?


"I agree with the above, I get calcium deficiency (distorted new growth)
when I overdose K2SO4. Symptoms disappear when I hold back potassium. A guy
told me this happens first to calcium loving plants, I did not realized that
until now, but it seems to be true""




liquid silk), so I add baking soda and Equilibrium to raise the KH and GH.
The fish store emplyess told me that At some point Seachem had gotten the
Mg/Ca ratio wrong, so that there was too much Mg and not enough Ca, but had
so many of the old labels that the new, corrected formula still had the old
labels, so there was no way to tell which formulation was in any given
bottle. True, or Urban Legend?

Close, but not quite ;-). The original Equilibrium did have more magnesium
relative to calcium but I wouldn't say we got it "wrong". The original
formula was and is beneficial for plants (the basis for extra magnesium was
that magnesium is essential to photosynthesis as a part of chlorophyll)...
it provided both calcium and magnesium so neither was ever deficient.
However, we did change the formulation for practical reasons (the original
formula tended to "harden" up in the bottle) and marketing reasons (we
received so much flak concerning this on the APD that we figured it was best
to just give the consumer what they wanted, i.e. 2:1 Ca:Mg ratio).

So there's the short history of Equilibrium ;-) With respect to the
labelling, there should not have been any label overlap but if there were
any I think it would be in the neighborhood of a few cases of material (less
than 100 bottles) and this was over 3 years ago so I doubt any of this is
still in the channels (I hope not!) If you have an older bottle and are not
sure the easiest way to tell is that if the material has hardened and turned
a shade of orange it's the original formula. The new formula does not harden
and is a nice white color. And anything with our new Covington address is
without question the new formula (see new labelling for my "editorial" on
anachronistic state fertilizers laws that dictate to us how we are
"permitted" to express guarantees) ;-)

-Greg Morin


Gregory Morin, Ph.D.  ~~~~~~~President/CEO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Seachem Laboratories, Inc.      www.seachem.com     888-SEACHEM



Thanks for the quick reply. The stuff I have is the new stuff for sure,
since it is nice and loose in the bottle. Guess I'll have to look elsewhere
for the answer to why my plants are growing all weird.


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