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[APD] RE: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 1, Issue 73

> I'm wondering how people deal with lighting and pruning. When I need to
> prune (or do anything else that requires good access to the tank) I end up
> taking the lighting unit off the tank, which even in a well-lit
> room leaves
> me with a pretty dark tank with wonderfully horrible shadows.  Not to
> mention the tank looks completely different looking down on it, as opposed
> to at it from the front glass...  At least I don't have to stand
> a 5-gallon
> bucket to gain access to the top ;)

For my little 7 gallon on the desk, I just lean the light strip against the
side of the tank- not perfect, but it's small enough that I get sufficient
light to prune, etc.

On the 55, I use a floor standing magnifying light that I got for cross
stitching. It's tall enough (with swing arms) that I can position it out of
the way. Again, it's not perfect and doesn't light up every corner of the
tank like the CF lights do, but that plus the room light is usually enough.

On the 90, well, any plant I put in there gets rather thoroughly pruned by
the cichlids, so I really don't have to bother! :)

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