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Re: Subject: [APD] Aquarium Pharm. "Algae Fix" product

I'm not going to comment on this product. But I have used an
algae-killer chemical by a very well known german company
with a label "does not damage fish or plants". I believed
the label because I have been using the same company's other
products with very good results.  I realised my mistake
after it was too late. After dosing the algae did appear to
clear, but the plants stopped photosynthesising (no
pearling). growth stopped. The older leaves started dying.
And after a few weeks the algae returned in more ammounts
than previously since they did not have the competition.
Copper sulphate was'nt half as bad ! After one month the
plants started growing again. It took over two months to get
that tank back to normal. True - the plants were'nt damaged!

Never again!

Ways of getting rid of hair algae;
1) remove excess algae manually
2) Tom Barr's 3-5 day dark period
3) Siamese Algae Eaters
4) good plant growth, (CO2, trace elements, low K Light )
5) Reduce fish load, N inputs
6) Paul's Bleach method for new entries - prevention

You can search the archives on details of each of the above.


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