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RE: [APD] low-range pH test kit recommendation needed

 I bought the pHep5 a few weeks ago and I really like it.

 Years ago I used higher end pH meters at work and the pHep5 seems to work 
just as well for aquarium use.

 I had 2 low range and 2 high range kits before I bought the meter and I 
really couldn't accurately tell what my pH was. I was targeting 7.2 pH which is at 
the top end of the low range kits and the bottom end of the high range kits.

>>>My pens seem to last forever, that way (at least until I drop them in the 

 The pHep4 and 5 are both advertised as waterproof and that they float.

>>>I don't know how often you have to replace the electrode, but it likely 
winds up being less expensive than a test kit over the long run.<<<

 One of the reasons I bought the Hanna pHep 5 was that both the 4 and 5 have 
replaceable electrodes. They cost $24.50 from Grainger - The meters from 
Grainger cost pHep4 $59 pHep5 $69.

 The only difference I saw between the two models was the accuracy. pHep4  .1 
 -    pHep5  .01


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