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[APD] Seachem Equilibrium & Urban Legend?

I was at my LFS recently talking about problem I'm having growing certain plants (including willow hygro) where the growth is all twisted and stunted. Here in the greater Portland, OR area we have very soft water (we call it liquid silk), so I add baking soda and Equilibrium to raise the KH and GH. The fish store emplyess told me that At some point Seachem had gotten the Mg/Ca ratio wrong, so that there was too much Mg and not enough Ca, but had so many of the old labels that the new, corrected formula still had the old labels, so there was no way to tell which formulation was in any given bottle. True, or Urban Legend?

Later on that weekend I had a chance to corner, I mean chat with, Karen Randall about the same problem. She also thought it sounded like a Ca deficiency, or possibly an Mg overdose.

Could it be that I have "bad" Equilibrium? I am thinking about going to straight CaCO3 for a week or two to test this out, but I wondered if anybody had any information or thoughts about this?

You can see an example of the stunting at
Bonus points if you can ID the plant.

(hoping this post makes sense; still woozy from a great weekend at the Greater Portland Aquarium Society show)

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