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[APD] Strange algae "bush"

I've noticed an strange algae growing on rocks and driftwood in my tank.

Originally it was growing on a piece of Hawaiian rock that I removed, algae
loved it too much.  

It is a dark blue-green color, and looks like a "Star-Trek" tribble or some
saltwater hair algae, but I've never seen it in any freshwater tanks I've

I know my ph is 7.0, gh is 15, kh is 2, ammonia/ites/ates all immeasurable
on my test kit.

I don't know about metals, light or heavy.  Substrate is Schultz Profile,
high pressure co2, no ferts within the past few weeks, 128 watts light, 30
gallon tank.



For scale, the clear "cable" seen on the driftwood is some 20# monofilament
fish line.

tia... Gordon

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