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[APD] Re: L glandulosa PO4-deficiency

I have a similar experience with H.stricta, L.arcuata, and L.glandulosa, and
L.repens. I thought it was a magnesium deficiency or some other deficiency,
but after reading Ecology of the Planted Aquarium for the second time I
noticed a section on metal toxicity. Having the test results from the public
water supply showed slightly high levels of zinc, which when compared to
optimal aquarium levels were very high. Ecology of the Planted Aquarium
explained that high zinc levels will affect the tank and will look just like
a magnesium deficiency. So I filtered the tap water for a major water change
through some  carbon to reduce the zinc (I only did this once). I added peat
to my filter (whenever I clean it) to bind the metal as a natural chelator.
I figured this would work because free iron is the first thing to be bound
and zinc in naturally the second to be bound. Since all the iron that I add
is already chelated with EDTA, this allows the remaining zinc to be taken
care of naturally.
Oh yea it really did work and I was able to save my H.stricta.
Good Luck,

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