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[APD] Re: L glandulosa PO4-deficiency is metal toxicity?

Steve wrote:

"I have a similar experience with H.stricta, L.arcuata, and L.glandulosa,
L.repens. I thought it was a magnesium deficiency or some other deficiency,
but after reading Ecology of the Planted Aquarium for the second time I
noticed a section on metal toxicity."

This is really interesting because:
1) I've stopped dosing MgSO4  a while ago  (GH 8, KH 3 made me think
it wasn't needed?)
2) A couple of weeks ago I dosed Tetramedica Fungistop to kill of the
remaining Cyanobacteria, and it's main active ingredience is silver colloid.
3) My PMDD-micro contains:
20 g/L Fe, 10 g/l Mn, 0,52 g/l Cu, **2,9 g/l Zn**, 4,0 g/l B, 0,75 g/l Mo

TMG has a Fe:Zn ratio of 35 and a Cu:Zn ratio of 3
MyMicro has Fe:Zn ratio of 6.9.and a Cu:Zn ratio of 0.18

I dose my Micro to 0.1 ppm Fe, but this seems way to much now? =/

// Daniel.
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