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Re: [APD] Icecap fan and cutting cables and buying more cables inseadof cutting losses

--- Daphne Freeman <daphne_freeman at charter.net> wrote:
> Hey Scott, unfortunately, the only person I have been
> able to blame thus far
> for cutting my cable power cord is myself.  I am happy to
> report that I am
> still working on this and fully intend to let someone
> else take the blame as
> soon as I come up with a good reason :)

Someone made those scissors sharp -- it wasn't you.
> In terms of cable brand, I stayed with Dupla.  That is
> what George Booth
> uses, therefore, that is what I use. He is the one who
> convinced me to use
> these things in the first place so I do what he does. 
> :)Thankfully, they
> were still available and cheaper too since it is being
> liquidated.  My
> husband wanted to know if we should buy a couple more
> sets for future
> pruning catastrophes.  (As a result, he is in the lead
> right now for getting
> blamed for the wrecked cables!!)

If he's so cool about buying more cables, better let him
off the hook pronto.  I'm still leaning toward the scissors
makers -- plant cutters don't need to be as sharp as wire

> Most of the items on this tank run on a controller/timer
> if possible.
> Hello, my name is Daphne and I am a gadget freak!  You
> have a good point,
> not running the fan 24/7 would increase it's life and
> save energy.  Hadn't
> thought of that.  Thanks Scott, you've given me another
> reason to turn it
> off at night.  Guess you are out of the running for the
> cable fiasco blame
> now.  :)

Moi?  I probably told you to skip the cables, which I guess
you could interpret as a suggestion planted in your
subconscious to deactivate them.  Still, you can't blame me
for your method -- pulling the plug would have worked fine
;-)  Don't you wish that scissors maker had left you as
many options?

Scott H.

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