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Re: Determining subject line (was Re: [APD] Peat in substrate)

--- Steve Pushak <teban at powersonic_bc.ca> wrote:
> PS Do you follow the convention that if you keep the
> subject line,
> you're on the same topic but if you have a new
> line, you get to have
> a new thread? Netiquette should be the thread
> gets to clarify
> what "his" question or hypothesis was. D'accord?

Well I guess 1) The subject line will get cut off
anyway, at least it does in the archives. And 2) It's
not truly visually threaded like google groups, so I
guess it doesn't make a difference. And threads tend
to wander anyway. The only problem I have is searching
the archives - there's no way to sort by subject or
date or thread or whatnot. I prefer when things are
more focused and organized. But I guess the flip side
is I read some interesting stuff I wouldn't have

What I wonder is how many people read the list via
email (digest or otherwise) vs. going to this month's
archives on the web? I find the digests too hard to
read, so I read it off the website and copy and paste
off the site into email to reply. It recently occurred
to me that that might not be a common thing to do...

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