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[APD] Icecap fan and cutting cables

Hey Scott, unfortunately, the only person I have been able to blame thus far
for cutting my cable power cord is myself.  I am happy to report that I am
still working on this and fully intend to let someone else take the blame as
soon as I come up with a good reason :)

In terms of cable brand, I stayed with Dupla.  That is what George Booth
uses, therefore, that is what I use. He is the one who convinced me to use
these things in the first place so I do what he does.  :)Thankfully, they
were still available and cheaper too since it is being liquidated.  My
husband wanted to know if we should buy a couple more sets for future
pruning catastrophes.  (As a result, he is in the lead right now for getting
blamed for the wrecked cables!!)

Most of the items on this tank run on a controller/timer if possible.
Hello, my name is Daphne and I am a gadget freak!  You have a good point,
not running the fan 24/7 would increase it's life and save energy.  Hadn't
thought of that.  Thanks Scott, you've given me another reason to turn it
off at night.  Guess you are out of the running for the cable fiasco blame
now.  :)


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