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[APD] "dwarf" val

The Italian val in my tank has to be trimmed every week.  If left unchecked,
I can't imagine how long it would get.  Having been pruned anywhere from 6
inches to 2 feet, it has never suffered.  There have been a couple times
where the ends on a few got a little ratty looking but cutting it, even
significantly, has had no negative consequences.

Just for fun, I planted some in the foreground and prune it down to about 2
inches each week, it looks just as healthy as before I started it.  This is
no longer a fun experiment however!

One significant negative to pruning is that if you are not careful, it is
quite easy to accidentally cut power cords in the water.  Unlike the vals,
power cords do not accept the pruning in a positive fashion :)



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