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[APD] Icecap muffin fan not any quieter

There is an Icecap fan in my setup and I have been quite happy with it.  My
stand/hood is one big enclosed piece of furniture and the fan is mounted in
the top center of the hood blowing out.  The light is a 250 watt metal
halide which generates quite a bit of heat in the enclosed hood.  The fan
runs at full speed during the day when the light is on and you can hear it
during the rare times my children are quiet.  At night, after the light goes
off however, it slows down so much that you don't notice it even while
walking down the stairs right beside it.

The big selling point for me was that it only ran at high speed when
necessary and was quiet at night. It is just as noisy as a regular muffin
fan at high speed.  You could set up a considerably cheaper solution by
setting a regular fan to go on/off with your lights but I like this fan and
will replace it with the same when it goes out.


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