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RE: [APD] 10,000K lights

--- william ruyle <inquartata at comcast_net> wrote:
> Too right, there Scott. Perhaps crisper light reflects
> the
> personality of its owner ;-)

Crisp? ha ha Guess I been toasted.  Fair enough :-)
> As for me, keeping killies, the range mentioned seems to
> bring
> out their colors more, and I don't think they would
> appreciate
> 10000K (the color of a newborn sun?) over their tank.
> That's just
> me of course8-)

That's part of what I mean. The bulbs aren't really very
close to natural sunlight in general since natural sunlight
is visually diff at diff times, places, climate conditions,

But the other part of what I mean is that you can't use
color temp rating to know the apparent color of a bulb or
vice versa (not without some very good instruments). 
Fluorescents are mostly green light (fromthe cheaper
phosphors) plus whatever they "pump" them up for on the
red-yellow or blue ends of the spectrum.  A big narrow blue
spike can go with a broad but lower red peak and have the
same color temp as a bulb with a narrow red spike and broad
but lower blue peak.  The color of the bulbs will be diff
but the color temps will be the same.

So I like to see folks buying what they like to see with --
diff folks have diff tastes and the plants seem about as
happy either way.

Btw, the bulb that to me looks most like bright noon day
sun in Virgin Gorda, in the Bristish Virgin Islands is the
URI Aquasun T12 VHO, which is rated at 10,000K but doesn't
look bluish at all.  Otoh, I have some 55 watt PCs that are
rated 6500K and they're as bluish as my 10000K 96 watt PCs.

Buy some of diff color bulbs and change the look with the
seasons, your mood, of just when you want a change of pace.
 YOu don'thave to wear the same clothes every day and you
don't have to use the smae bulbs every month.

Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.

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