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RE: [APD] 10,000K lights

Scott wrote:
Btw, the bulb that to me looks most like bright noon day
sun in Virgin Gorda, in the Bristish Virgin Islands is the
URI Aquasun T12 VHO, which is rated at 10,000K but doesn't
look bluish at all.  Otoh, I have some 55 watt PCs that are
rated 6500K and they're as bluish as my 10000K 96 watt PCs.

Buy some of diff color bulbs and change the look with the
seasons, your mood, of just when you want a change of pace.
 YOu don'thave to wear the same clothes every day and you
don't have to use the smae bulbs every month.

Good luck, good fun,

>I agree, Scott. Some years ago a friend had set up a 55 with
two 55watt perfectolite light strips. He used gravel/laterite
in the bottom layer but over this was builders sand (the blond stuff)
and he had it fairly heavily planted. I'm trying to remember but
I think they were 10000K bulbs in the strips. We're talking starkers
glaring white with the light substrate...yeeeouch. My point is substrate
color has a lot to do with the quality of the light, if not its performance.
I put together a 10gallon grow-out insta-plant tank for my killie fry: bare
bottom except
for one layer of black/brown lava rock (rounded no sharp edges) with java
ferns, java moss, anubias, with hornwort, green foxtail, najas to cover over
the rest--nothing planted in pots. The java ferns/anubias were already
rooted to the
lava rock which I pulled from other tanks. When using the same light (13w
6400 cf)
it looked like it was about half as intense as when I had a lighter
substrate. The
matte black and brown of the rock had zero reflection and seemed to eat the
Made for a very moody, dramatic appearance.


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