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RE: [APD] 10,000K lights

Scott wrote:

Hmmm.  Don't forget that Color and color temp do not
necessarily go hand in hand.  Color temp is like an average
and the colors that make it up could any of an infitinte
number of mixes.

As for the aesthetic range for plants, depends on what you
like.  I know of a few folk that prefer the crisper light
one oftens finds with 10000K rated bulbs.  Me too.

It's not for everyone. but then, neither are the
5000K-6000K bulbs ;-)

Plants don't seem to mind much either way.

Too right, there Scott. Perhaps crisper light reflects the
personality of its owner ;-)

As for me, keeping killies, the range mentioned seems to bring
out their colors more, and I don't think they would appreciate
10000K (the color of a newborn sun?) over their tank. That's just
me of course8-)


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