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Re: [APD] Re: cardinal schooling behavior

> You need a big school in a tank that is long enough for them to run in if
> you want them to school well.
> The volume in even the biggest home aquarium is completely
> insignificant.

I am sure you are right, hmm there is a snag as mine is only 1m as it is
built for an alcove beside a chimney.

> > Apparently cardinals need to school to develope colour.
 > Where did you hear that?  Even dead cardinals are bright!

Well I read it on a website, *embarrassed*
Oregon Zoo

>> When coloured up the
>> cardinal is not exactly well camouflaged which might play a part in the
>> evolution of the behaviour as bright fish may attract predators.

> Why do you think they would want to attract predators?

I dont, I thought maybe they evolved schooling behaviour as predator defence
because they are so
vivid :) ?


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