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[APD] Re: Center brace on a 75 gal

> Anyhow, is it considered safe to remove the center brace?

Without putting something else in there for support? No.
They are there for good reason.

 Has anyone done
> it on a 75?

> Thanks for advice.  You can also send it directly to adam at xhaos_org
> Adam

I removed the entire frame around the top. I cleaned off the silicone, used
a few tricks to dislodge the frame, added 3 slats of glass and siliconed
these to the top lip for added support.

The glass slats were the same thickness of the glass, 3/8".
They were beveled glass pieces, cost about 20$.

Two smaller narrower pieces about 3"x 18 lay on the ends of the tank, and
center brace of 8" lay in the middle.

Unlike many braces, this does not detract from the openness of the the
design since the glass is clear and blends in well with the tank,
everything's glass.

I can send you a version of the tank after I had it done.

If you are looking for no braces of any kind, custom tank, either thicker
walled glass or try acrylic, 1/2" acrylic should last well.
Tom Barr

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