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[APD] Boston Area

June wrote:

>> I've recently moved to Boston and am determined to get back into my
aquarium mode. <<

Hi June,  Boston has one of the oldest aquarium societies in the country,
and it still is very active.  We meet on the 3rd Monday of every month at
the Educational Center at the New England Aquarium.  The meeing starts at 8,
and this month the Speaker will be long-time club supporter, and Senior
Freshwater Aquarist at the NEA, Scott Dowd.  He will bringing us up to date
on his work with Project Piaba on Cardinal tetras. (isn't THAT a
coincidence!<g>)  There is a large auction every month, with LOTS of plants
and fish bred by members.  Everyone is welcome, members or not.

I live out in the western 'burbs, so I don't know the resources in your
area, but I'm sure there are club members who do.

You can visit our web site for more info at:


We also have an active mailing list on Yahoo, but it's for members only.  So
you'll have to join first!<g>


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