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[APD] Need Boston info for near-newbie

Hi all,

I've recently moved to Boston and am determined to get back into my
aquarium mode.  I've been a lax hobbyist for too many years - used to know
where to order the best driftwood, the favorite heaters, etc., but I think
a lot of that has changed since I paid it a lot of attention.

First things first, where can I buy a decent 55 g tank stand?  I had it on
utility shelving in my last home, but it was literally bowing the stand
(plus the particleboard shelves themselves were all warped - kind of
dangerous, actually!).  I called 4 shops, all of them quoted me the same
price $190 for a plain pine stand.  Thatfishplace.com has it (no shipping,
tho) for $110 or thereabouts, so I *know* it's got to be available
somewhere for cheaper!  (I also checked forsale ngs, craigslist, and
ebay.)  I'm a klutz w/DIY and don't wish to go that route unless someone
has a precut kit that only requires screwing together pieces...

I bought one of those Dave Gomberg CO2 systems about a year or two ago but
never set it up.  Anything potential pitfalls I should be aware of?  Any
favorite CO2 suppliers in the Cambridge/Somerville/Arlington area?  Are
prices at a welding supply co. better than a brewery?

Is Ebo-jager still considered a good brand for a heater?  Seems like
hardly anyone carries them anymore.

Where can I look up up-to-date reviews of stores in my area, etc.?  I've
googled and searched archives at actwin, read pages in FINS and thekrib,
but I keep seeing really old posts (well, mid-90's isn't *that* old, I
guess).  I'm particularly interested in knowing where I can get live
plants, driftwood, SAEs, and other livestock.

Lastly, if this is just the wrong place to ask these questions, I would
appreciate a pointer to the right place.

Thanks for your assistance!

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