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[APD] Cannister filter CO2 reactor

I use a fluval 204 cannister filter (the newer redesigned model) to 
dissolve CO2 and I think it works alright (although a well designed 
reactor would probably work better). Not much gurgling or anything.

I'm wondering if the type of filter media would affect the efficiency? 
For my setup, small bubbles come out of an airstone beneath the intake 
and then go through 4 coarse sponges, then some fine filter wool and 
then biological media before exiting the filter. I suspect that it is 
the sponges and filter wool where most of the dissolving takes place. 
Does anyone think the efficiency would be reduced/increased if fine 
mechanical filtration media was removed/added? Has anybody experimented 
with this before?

Clint Brearley
Melbourne, Australia

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