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Re: [APD] Cannister filter CO2 reactor

Clint Brearley at clint_brearley at telstra_com wrote:

> I use a fluval 204 cannister filter (the newer redesigned model) to
> dissolve CO2 and I think it works alright (although a well designed
> reactor would probably work better). Not much gurgling or anything.
> I'm wondering if the type of filter media would affect the efficiency?
> Does anyone think the efficiency would be reduced/increased if fine
> mechanical filtration media was removed/added?

If CO2 bubbles are not being emitted by the return then the efficiency is
pretty much as good as it gets. I inject CO2 into a Magnum canister with a
bare minimum of media (floss and rocks). No visible CO2 makes it out of the
return. If I used any less media I'd have a canned powerhead. I've never
used a Fluval, but it looks like it's water path is more convoluted than the
Magnum's. If so, I would guess that even an empty canister is as efficient
as one with media. Next time you clean it, run it empty for a while and see
if any CO2 makes it through.

Dan Dixon

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