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[APD] Buying Cardinal Tetras in bulk

Does anyone know of a online or B&M store in the Cleveland area where
one could buy fish in bulk?  I'm specifally looking for cardinal
tetras.  I just set up the 80 gallon tank I posted about earlier, and
boy does it look empty.  

So far I only have:

1 pl*co (going to be moved to another tank soon)
2 clown loaches (still very small)
10 otocinclus
7 hastatus cories
5 rasboras (which will probably be moved or sold)

I thought a HUGE school of cardinal tetras would be very impressive,
somewhere along the lines of 100.  Does it seem doable given that it is
(going to be) heavily planted and well-filtered by a Magnum 350 canister?

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