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Re[2]: [APD] Re: CO2 off at night

dpca> CO2 do not displace O2, so dosing CO2 at nigth will not cause lack of O2..
dpca> In nature CO2 is always available (God doesn't shut the valve after sunset
dpca> :-)) , so, why should we cut it at night?
dpca> Diego
dpca> Burzaco, Argentina

I just turn off the reactor and turn on a whisper power filter full
speed with lots of surface agitation during the night using a timer.
But I donŽt know if it is really necessary, yesterday I raised my CO2
to  40  ppm  and  the fish didn't mind, and at my normal bubble rate i
don't think it will be so high at night.


Another Diego but I live in Colombia :)

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