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[APD] Buying Cardinal Tetras in bulk

>>Does anyone know of a online or B&M store in the Cleveland area where
>>one could buy fish in bulk?  I'm specifally looking for cardinal

>>I thought a HUGE school of cardinal tetras would be very impressive,

I've done this numerous times in the past ... it is a gorgeous setup!

I've never had any problem approaching a trustworthy LFS and asking them
what kind of special price break they could give me with a special

The only comment I would make is that the life span of cardinal tetras
is typically only about 12-18 months, making a large school more
expensive on an ongoing basis.  I was happiest when I purchased 1/3 of
the total every six months thus constantly replenishing the school.  But
admittedly, at the time it was a significant ongoing expense.

Go for it, you will love the effect!

Greg Watson

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